Studying Abroad: Second Language Acquisition

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All Abroad: Why Studying Abroad is Still Vital for Second Language Acquisition In America, people can easily find many South Korean students who are studying abroad. The high number of South Koreans studying abroad in America shows, in a roundabout way, how studying abroad has become effective for them. A short time later, however, we may not see such a high rate of South Korea’s international students like now because of this phenomenon of Korean students studying abroad is decreasing annually. Moreover, the rate of their decreasing interest in studying overseas in America demonstrates that they do not feel the positive effects coming from studying abroad any more. In this situation, which Korean students have lost the fascination and…show more content…
The different education systems have each their own advantages and strengths. Therefore, when students participate the various education systems, the students can discover which education style is more efficient for them. From the discovery of a suitable education style, their passion and ability of studying are improved. According to my experience, I was aware of the differences between South Korea’s education system and America’s, when I visited America in my third year of junior high school. The awareness, which America has a different education system from South Korea, caused me to have a great passion for studying in America. There are two significant reasons about why I had the passion to study abroad. The primary reason is that most Korean students cannot have enough time to experience what they want to be in the future since the majority Korean high school students spend over twelve hours a day studying in their schools. Therefore, many Korean high school students study and prepare for an uncertain future like I did. However, America’s education system offer students enough time to consider what they want to be in the future or what they want to do after school. In addition, America’s education style is focused on enhancing students’ creativity. The method of education is completely different from South Korea’s education style which has placed a major emphasis on memory ability and speed, focusing on how quickly a student can solve a problem. Eventually, when I experienced both education systems, I realized that America’s education system is more efficient for me. As a result, I, who gave up studying because I could not feel interested in South Korea’s education system, have taken my pen, which I dropped in Korea, in hand to America. This example demonstrates why students have to experience a different

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