Positive Benefits Of War Communism

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War communism had a devastating impact on the peasants and proletariat in Russian society between 1918 and 1928. However, the New Economic Policy that followed the Civil War effects was opposite, raising living standards and reinstating support for the Bolshevik party. Vladimir “Lenin” Ulyanov, known as the head of the notorious Bolshevik party, introduced War Communism (1918-1921) and the NEP (1921-1928). As Martin McCauley states “If War Communism was a leap into socialism then the New Economic Policy was a leap out of socialism” The aims of War Communism and the NEP were both successful in a large number of areas, however, the effects of both policies were not all favourable. Most of the population disagreed with both of the policies, however, the benefits and the positive effects outweighed for many.

War Communism had a significant impact on the peasantry and the proletariat, it was extremely unpopular and not successful enough to continue. It has been suggested that War Communism was an attempt by the Bolsheviks to go straight to socialism, it is more likely that it was a reaction to wartime conditions, justified by ideological position. The effect of War Communism on the proletariat was immense, Lenin nationalised businesses to place the economy on a war footing. All industries came under direct control of the state, managers were forced to stay in their positions and private trades were banned. WC was extremely unpopular with the peasants who felt they had no
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