Disadvantages Of War

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To the innocent adolescent soldiers who faced shell shock all throughout the first world war to the homeless veterans on the streets today. You may think that war does not hold any positive attributes. Our first instinct when we hear war is to think of bloodshed, hostility and destruction. Although these words express the negative sides to war. I am going to decipher the positive benefits of war and show you how it has benefited us greatly in our everyday lives and where we would be without it. There is a covered up side to this contentious subject which I am willing to enlighten you on.

War can produce heroes and bring on devotion and courage. It is war that makes a person show true power and devotion whilst striving to get what they know they can
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If it was not for the American civil war of 1861 to 1865 as a result of the north and South’s long-standing controversy over slavery we might actually still be stuck in the past. Can you imagine yourself going through today’s streets and seeing advertisements telling you that you can have your very own slave for yourself for a fair price? If it was not for the American civil war, the basis of slavery on African Americans as slaves would have only manifested itself and become a normal way of life, to even more to an extent of what it already was. Many argue how the war was unnecessary and that slavery would have died out on its own. Quite frankly this view is overrated and invalid as the demand for slaves in the southern states were astonishing as New communities of African American culture were formed in Deep in the South, the total slave population in the south eventually reached 4 million before liberation as a result of the war. To put it into perspective, this is the equivalent to the full population of Ireland. I certainly couldn't imagine what it would be like today if it wasn't for the stimulation of war. Could
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