What Is Success Definition Essay

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Success can be described in several different ways depending on the person. It is what most humans strive for in their everyday tasks. A person, animal, or even a plant could be looked at as successful, but what they are trying to be successful at may be good or bad. One could successfully compose music or one could successfully destroy a car. How someone views actions taken is how they will characterize how much of a success is accomplished. A person could set a goal and strive to achieve that goal and by striving to achieve others may look at the person as a successful because they are working hard to achieve what their goal is, but the person trying to accomplish the goal may not feel like a success until they accomplish the goal.
For most, it takes time and effort to be successful. Another characteristic of success is self-motivation and self-sacrifice. A person may set a goal but if they do not take any actions to reach that goal then it is not considered a success. It takes perseverance and being able to learn from failure. Success takes patience, time, and effort not giving up or backing down. There normally is
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Success is earned, obtained, or gained. People cannot just sit back and expect to be successful it has to be worked toward. It can be viewed differently each time. One person may think a success is not a success at all especially if later on someone proves the success wrong. An example would be long ago people thought the world was flat and then someone challenged that theory and proved otherwise. Depending on how big of a success it is it can be memorable and what a person is known for. Some successes are honored especially when it comes to wars, but what may be a success for some may be a failure or loss of others. Success is not tangible it is more of an idea or feeling it is not something that can be physically
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