Positive Classroom Climate

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The classroom climate is referred to as the perceived quality of the classroom which is also known as the “atmosphere” or “ambiance” of this particular setting, this is a significant determinant of a student’s behavior and performance. When persons think of the ‘climate’ of the classroom they mainly think of the feeling of being hot or cold, however, it takes more than that to facilitate the learning process. The way a teacher reacts to a student, the teaching style, seating arrangements or friendships tend to dictate the whole classroom experience for an individual. A teacher’s goal should be to figure out how to develop and maintain a positive classroom climate in which an individual can flourish in their own right. Doing this will seek to mold a socially competent intellectual individual that is functional throughout his or her school career. The classroom climate encompasses the physical environment, social interaction and the learning aspects of the classroom setting. Therefore, researchers and scholars alike analyze the social, emotional, intellectual and physical environment of a class and seek ways to improve on it so that they can educate teachers and lecturers of the most effective ways of fostering a positive classroom climate. First, there should be a consideration of the physical factors of a classroom. Things like: good lighting, neutral colored walls, adequate strong furniture, cleanliness and class size play a role in the climate. For example, if a class is
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