Essay: The Importance Of Positive Communication

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I learned much about leadership and the importance of positive communication while playing competitive soccer. My “aha” moment came during a game when my team was down 3-0, playing in scorching heat against a premier soccer team, and without any substitutes. I remember seeing the despair in the eyes of my teammates and the frustration on the faces of my coaches at halftime. Up to that point, I tended to let others lead. I remember thinking to myself that if we wanted to win, we needed to play as a cohesive team and focus on how we approach the game instead of blaming each other for bad plays. It was at that moment that I decided to speak up. I highlighted the positive things that we achieved. For instance, limiting our opponents to three goals, emphasizing how well we played when we communicated, and reviewing the passes that exposed the other team’s weaknesses. During the second half, my teammates took my pep-talk to heart - no longer was it about winning or losing, but proving to ourselves that we could play as a team again. It felt good that I was able to lift their spirits. Although we were not victorious, I am glad I spoke…show more content…
There is no doubt in my mind that soccer has positively influenced me and shaped the person I am today. As I reflect back over the years I’ve played soccer, I honestly can say that I was very fortunate to have learned so much from all the coaches who have coached me and taught me the many facets of the game (and even some life lessons), the referees who enforced the rules and promoted fair play, my teammates who brought the camaraderie and the laughter, the SRFC for its support of its players and coaches, and of course, my parents who have been my biggest and best fans, encouraging and cheering us on even when we were not
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