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Positive deviance is those extraordinary behaviors which has an impact on social change in any community. There are some people who always follow a different way in any situation. They break the conventional way, with their uncommon behavior they find a better strategy. In an approach positive deviance is a behavioral approach towards any situation in another approach positive deviance is focusing on the success. Positive deviance describe those behaviors which is exemplary for other individuals or any community.
Positive deviant are those person who took the initiative step about any social issue or problem in any community. These are the people who took some risky steps to change the social problems with their positive behavioral approach.
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In this Disabled children 's home there is vocational education as well as education. There is a regular physiotherapy for the resident who lives here. Abdul Majid take a good care of them very diligently.
Abdul Majid 's dream is these children who lives here will never became a burden in this society, they will live in this society like others keeping their head high.
This example is related to development communication and also support the positive deviance act. What is development communication ? Development communication refers to the use of communication to facilitate social development to increase people 's participations mainly, at the grassroots levels here Mohammod Abdul Majid plays an important role for our society. He is working for these disabled children without anything else he just want to see them self dependent and live a respectful life like others. He finds his happiness through that. Abdul Majid lost his words when he has to describe his happiness and emotion. Development communication is an approach perfected by the developing world. Development is a total approach. It does not only involve economic programs. The development of people is the main focus of this total approach. To happen any development there should be a inner change in ones morality to do something for the society. The desire to do something for the society must come from themselves. Here Abdul Majid is doing a selfless work. which is very much related with this topic of development
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