Positive Discipline Definition

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Examples would be: Ok, if I throw my bread onto the floor, what sound will it make, what reaction will my mommy give? OR If I throw my juice on the table, what will happen? Your child has to act out certain behaviors to see how you react, because they don 't know yet! Positive discipline is basically using positive tools to correct a child 's behavior. Negative and/or aggressive actions such a spanking, yelling, threatening, name-calling, and intimidation are not productive discipline measures. Some may argue that without spanking they are left with no other tools to deter a child 's behavior. However with positive discipline it is more about giving "yes" answers as apposed to "no 's". Positive discipline in the long-term will contribute…show more content…
Redirection is another great tool. In a situation that you know a melt down will quickly erupt, redirection can help avoid this implosion. Taking the child outside, or into another room. Getting up and starting to sing and dance is another great way to redirect and get the child to think about something other than what he wanted to be upset or mad about. Really, anything that is going to be interesting to a child will work, most of the time. There will be times when safety is your primary concern and redirecting or prevention are just NOT options. Such as if your child just takes off into a busy mall or street. Your first reaction will be, most likely, to yell or spank. You 're scared, you want to teach your child that this is not an expectable way to behave. Your main motive here is to keep your child safe. The issue with this scenario is that the child will fail to appreciate the danger, which was in that busy street or mall. Instead this child will ONLY remember and center ALL his attention to your reaction and anger. The cause of that anger will be lost. Your fear is a much more powerful tool for you to use in this situation, rather
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