Positive Effects Of Cyberbullying On Youth

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1.0 Introduction Social network sites (SNS) is a popular web-based services among youth. It allows them to create a public account or profile in a bounded system. Youth spend most of the time with gadgets to access social network sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more. By using social network sites (SNS) one can connect with others who is already their friends or new connections which shares the same interests or even mind-set. To be exact this is the new way to socialize for the youth and also a platform for them to express themselves. Social network sites offer users to chat, share thoughts, videos, pictures and even discuss on social issues. These features attract youth to continuously interacting through social media in their daily life (Ahn, 2011). However, it has more disadvantages rather than advantages to youth which will be discussed briefly in the next paragraph. 2.0 Effects on youth Cyberbullying by using social network sites (SNS) as a medium of threating people is one of the negative implication might occur. This is because it is easy for the bully as they do not have face their victims’ in person and also it is hard for the victims’ to take action on them. Youth nowadays will take this as an opportunity to blackmail their peers or even seek revenge to someone that they dislike. On the other hand, youth can also be the victim because they trust the social network sites (SNS) and they did not feel suspicious if there is connection or an
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