Duckweed Proposal

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Studies are being conducted by scientists, farmers, wastewater treatment experts and pharmaceutical engineers whereby they are cloning duckweed as it is said to have pharmaceutical benefits. However duckweed has been said to be a major problem for pond owners. Our study that we are going to conduct will be on what makes duckweed grow so quickly in order for pond owners to avoid it duckweed growth. In effect, to see what can be done to prevent the growth and in order for that to be determined, it must be known exactly what makes duckweed grow at a fast rate. There are many experiments conducted on this as will be shown below.
Most studies conducted are to see the negative benefits, the positive benefits and how duckweed is grown.
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The oxygen depletion then eliminates submerged plants as well.
Another study conducted by Landolt, E. and Kandeler, R. (1987) was an experiment done in order to measure the growth of duck weed. This is relevant as we expect that the knowledge acquired about the growth will assist us in obtaining the relevant information pertaining tour study.
We believe our research is important because as we did more research on duck weed we discovered that for pond owners, duck weed is said to be a ‘nuisance’. These owners also strongly believe that this sort of plant should be eradicated. Therefore our study we believe will help said owners to know exactly what makes duck weed grow so quickly in order for then to avoid using or having a pond in a condition that ensures the rapid growth of
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A justification of why the data is being used?
• The reason for why the data is being used is because we want to see how quickly duckweed can reproduce and if the habitat that it grows in has an effect on how fast or how slow it will grow as well as to see how fast it will spread due to the habitat that they are growing in.
What you plan to do with the data collected?
• When we check the data we will plot it onto a graph that shows the growth of the duckweed, and to see how many plants have grown during the time space given compared to the number of plants that we started with.
How the data will be analyzed?
• The data will be analyzed by the use of a line graph.
• And the data will also be analyzed with the use of a table.
It is expected that the different fertilisers will have an effect on the growth of the duckweed
It is determined that the fertilisers will ensure a rapid growth on the duckweed to aid pond owners in avoiding to use said fertilisers so that their ponds will be rid of duckweed to ensure the life in the water will remain there.
We deem the findings of our research as important because it will help pond owners maintaining their

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