Positive Effects Of Electronic Gadgets On Children

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Gadgets, may have a positive impact, especially, for younger children, below preschool age. The gadgets, may help them to stimulate their senses and imagination. Additionally, it may help to promote listening ability, learning of sounds and also speaking ability.

2.These electronic devices, and games, encourage cognitive learning and development of analytical skills.

3.It also, helps in developing innovative thinking, strategic thinking, investigative skills, and increases the creativity potential of kids.

4.The effects of electronic gadgets to students, helps them to improve manual dexterity, and make them aware of the computers.

5.Apart from being an educational and learning medium, electronic gadgets in some people’s opinion are a good
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15.Effects of electronic gadgets to students, has made made an emphasis on learning Globalization, that is learning from different areas around the world.

16.With the electronic gadgets, you can even learn from your own home, through web seminars.

17.The gadgets, provide students with a nearly endless supply of information and resources. They can look into educational apps, videos, portable technologies,search engines, and interactive activities. Such learning methodologies include - Online lesson plans, Educational apps, Interactive games, Online video and graphics, and accessing books and articles via tablets and e-readers.

The Negative Effects Of Technology

1.Children, as young as two years old, tend to play with electronic devices and gadgets anywhere.

2.The electronic gadgets that make children, to be stable at one place, includes: video games, PSP games, television, mobile phones, computers, tablet computers, smart phone application, and many as such. These days, parents, have found an easy way, by giving them a gadget to play with, to make their children, stay in one
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Such kids, are more prone to confront their teachers, peers, and relatives.

7.They may have a difficulty in concentrating on their studies, when most of their time is spent on these devices, and have a poor academic performance

8.The negative impacts of technology on children, can cause many health issues. Due to the increasing use of gadgets, children suffer from various health problems, like back pain, weak eyesight. Additionally, due to less physical activity, they even tend to become fat or obese.

9.The effects of electronic gadgets, can even a have a bad impact on social relationships. This is one of the most common gadget addiction problems, in every household. Children, do not have the time to sit with their parents and to spend some good quality time with them. They prefer to connect with their friends and relatives, in the virtual world, through text messaging, chatting, rather than meeting them.

10.Due to increasing technology, children are going far apart from their moral values. Rather than using the internet in a more productive manner, most of the children, use it as a source of adult
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