Positive Effects Of Industrialization

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In the first place there were many positive and negative effects on Industrialization. However, Industrialization had greater positive effects on society, although some might argue that Industrialization had a primarily negative effect on society because of a bad work environment and unhealthy working conditions. However it was actually a positive effect on society because of a ready workforce, faster production of goods, increase of trade, and better financial opportunities. However due to a ready workforce, this showed a positive impact on businesses and society. For example, in document 1 a 16 year-old girl, Mary Paul, explains how Lowell is the best place of her, and that “if any girl wants employment, I advise them to come to Lowell”. I perceive from this statement the she was very happy to work there, therefore it must be a good working environment, which means that the company must prosper through bringing in a ready workforce because she even advise others to come and work there. Another example would be in document 2; document 2 has a poem that explains how a parent never gets to see their child because of long working hours. Although this is a negative effect on Industrialization, it also has much positive effect too, for example, even though the parents have to work long hours, the family still has money to support themselves and their family. This is an example of a ready workforce would be in document 3, this document shows a picture of a big factory,
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