Positive Effects Of Mass Media

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Effects of Mass Media
Donna Motley
HUM 186
November 23, 2015
Allyson Wells

Effects of Mass Media
Mass media has shaped the culture of Americans during the last century with major developments cultivating the values of society through lifestyle changes, and spiritual beliefs. As years has went by, we have seen a change in the fashion Industry with talented fashion designers, education, religion, technology and the way we communicate. Technology has shaped, formed and pave the way for mass media through different channels of communication the diversity can be seen in cooking shows, HGTV, Home showing networks and do it yourself projects. The distribution of products from newspapers, movies, TV shows and the Internet service convergence
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The information age started with telegram messages to printed newspapers set the agenda for political issues now in the 20th century as things has progressed we now have cell phones, fax machines and computers for faster communication that moved us into the digital era. American culture has become so independent that old digital era have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to share, voice opinions and become political radicals. Do we really know, how much of the newly formed media that has everything imaginable and accessible be damaging to our children? In my opinion mass media has become a gatekeeper with dual personalities because of the continual influences of media through this commercially culture era from fashions politics and current…show more content…
Gatekeeper are like puppeteers that influence every aspect of society. However, in all actuality as viewers should we have faith in reporters rather radio, bloggers on the Internet, talk shows or TV programs? Becoming a critical thinker in today's society means media literacy have an understanding of current issues being able to give a description by doing your own research for accurate information. To make informed decisions are other viewpoints informative and creditable coming from a reliable source. In other words being able to analyze and interpret information that passed through from second hand sources can add many viewpoints to the discussions. After careful evaluation, we can have a meaningful dialogue and engaging conversation that provokes thoughts and solutions to problems that affect communities. Media literacy goes beyond communities but global world events involve our

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