Negative Effect Of Social Media Essay

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THE EFFECTS FROM SOCIAL MEDIA There are lots of social media that are trending nowadays. But there are only three social media applications that have the most users, they are instagram, line, and whatsapp. In this case, some people curious, which country use the most of that application. From some research, we can conclude that Indonesian is one of the most social media users. If we search for more, we can find the impact from social media for users. There are lots of negative effects instead of the positive effects. The negative effects are it can impact on social aspect, physical and mental health, and enhance the likelihood of crime. The negative effects will be explain in the next paragraph. The early impact that appear when users use…show more content…
As we know everyone, not just the master of programming or something like that, can do crime with his/ her communication tool or even with their social media. We usually say it is a cyber crime. Which is even more surprising that children can be hackers. Never be thought that children can be that genius to crack anything. Not only that crime, everyone now can easily open anything about porn contents. This can damage the next generation of the nation moreover the world. Porn contents have lots of negative effects, the result of research conducted in Germany say that someone who is too often or regularly watch pornographic movies can damage their health especially the brain. It can make the volume of the brain in the striatum region – part of the brain that related to produce motivations – decreases, it also increasing the production of dopamin which can make someone happy but if it is too much, it can make someone’s brain sensitivity of sexual arousal sagging. Social media can also be abused by people who are lack of responsibility. The can do gambling, selling parts of body, moreover they can do human trafficking. This is clearly breaking the rules. Although social media have lots of negative effects, still social media have positive effects but not as much as those negative effects. The positive effects are they can build an enormous and complex relationships, also they can be our media to

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