Positive Effects Of Sports And Health

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What is health? Health is defined as one’s personal physical condition, mental condition and social condition. Health in other words can be defined as the state of being free from diseases and injuries. Factors which affects the health: • Successfulness • Happiness • Cooperation • Positivity • Value ourselves The above factors can be obtained by the habit of playing sports or by any regular physical activity. What is sport? Sport is an activity in which an individual or team participates with all their energies and effort to win against the other team. The basic aim of sport is the enjoyment and joy among the people who are the part of sports though it may be the audience who are watching or the players who are playing. Participating in sports makes a person healthy, active and fit. Effects of Sports on our health: • Sports are a basic element of healthy life style. Sports and other physical activity effects on our health and benefits our body in different ways. • Sports does not only help us to be physically fit but also helps us to be socially and mentally fit or we can say that sport or any physical activity plays an important role to benefit our life in three ways. PHYSICALLY: • Sport is a physical activity, by reading the name physical we can say that sports is a activity in which one involves with his all physical energy and involves his body totally. • Sports help us to prevent our body from many harmful diseases like: o Cardiovascular diseases o Cancer o Diabetes o
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