Technology In Schools Essay

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The effects of technology in school
Technology has revolutionized many different parts of our life. This has resulted in technology enforcing changes in our schools, where computers has become more commonly used as a learning tool. There have been countless debates surrounding this topic on how we should approach the problem, if technology is an improvement compared to the traditional way of learning. What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in education, and how might it be used in the future?

“Summary” - Most important points from the BBC News article
One of the advantages of having technology integrated in class, is that it is more interactive and fun. This is stated in the article “Computers do not improve
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She states in the article “How can computers and the internet help me as a classroom literacy teacher?” published on the website “”, “Computers and the internet are a great resource for classroom teachers”. This is the first statement of the text, a statement she apparently believes strongly in. She points, not only to the students, but also to the teachers. This has a great impact on the learning environment. Mrs.Simons also mentioned in her article numerous times the importance of how the internet can affect the classroom positively. For example, the internet can help teachers find other teachers ' lesson plans, with suggested activities. Furthermore, with the use of technology in school it is more effortless to communicate with other teachers, who can give advice and response on lesson plans. This is achieved by sites that are dedicated to teachers. She also points to the advantages for the students, such as the vast library of information that exists on the internet. In addition, the great amount of ways to educate the students, from games to other texts. “Comparison” - Comparing the two sources
The BBC article mentioned both sides, they are a neutral source, while on the other hand, Mrs.Simons article only presents the positive sides of technology in the classroom. She focuses on the impact for the teachers, but also mentions how this benefit students. Mrs.Simons subliminally
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