Positive Effects Of Technology Transfer

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Clearly, the technology transfer is mainly influenced and constrained by the introductory systems and incentive policies, security, civilization and honesty, transportation and geographical conditions, living environment, culture similarity and linguistic affinity, and so on (Shin, 2013). They are interrelated and interdependent while overlapping each other, and they are arranged in ascending levels of importance from the lowest level to the highest level. In other words, factors influencing on the effects of the technology transfer would be different, subject to the industry, technological characteristics, and the relationship between providers and clients. Moreover, those effects of technology transfer that are evaluated could depend on recipients’…show more content…
Developing countries need more technical personnel exchanges. Generally, the exchange of technical personnel flows from developing countries to the developed countries rather than in the reverse order (e.g. through the talent transfer by immigration) (Liu et al., 2009). The ability to transfer technology to and within the firm depends on the firm’s ability to accurately understand, interpret, evaluate, and digest a technology. This is accomplished by the firm’s engineers, technical personnel and skilled human resources since they could facilitate suitable technology transfer (Gopalakrishnan and Santoro, 2004). Managing technology transfer activities from universities to the private sector requires skilled human resources and interdisciplinary teams with legal, business, and scientific and licensing expertise. Lack of qualified human resources for such tasks is one of the greatest bottlenecks detected in a number of countries. Lack of technical manpower has led to dependency on foreign experts even to run and maintain the machinery, which is not affordable for most small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). One of appropriate measures for resolving this problem is to ensure that training programs are included in the technical contracts, with training of skilled…show more content…
In reviewing the literature related to appropriate characteristics of technology five main characteristics can be known as: Life cycle of technologies, complexity of technology, rapid changes, the available market size, and value added of technology. These characteristics have a significant impact on the appropriate transfer of technology (Winkelbach, and Walter, 2015; Gupta and Govindarajan, 2000). Although, a few studies have focused on relationship between characteristics of technology and technology transfer, Abdul Wahab et al. (2011) and Minbaeva (2007) show that characteristics of technology have significant relationship with technology

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