Positive Effects Of The Crusades And Carolina High School

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Cultural blending can happen anywhere at anytime in the world and it can bring positive or negative changes to a community. The Crusades impacted military orders, territorial expansion, religion, politics, and trade in both Europe and the Middle East. On the other hand, Carolina High School changed in the number of new races, traditions, rules, norms, and much more. The cultural blending that happened at both the Crusades and CHS has brought a positive effect on international and local communities because of the new relationships that were built between the two sides of the Crusades, the new cultures that have arrived at CHS, and the influence on new languages and traditions. To begin with, the Crusades had a more positive effect on the relationships between the East and the West. Basically, one of the most important effects of the Crusades was the trade or commerce. This had an impacted both sides with the encouragement of ship-building for the transportation of men and supplies. Markets were extended all over the big cities of Europe and the Mediterranean. So, after the Crusades war both sides were trading and negotiating with one another therefore, they were building new relationships. Another major effect that resulted from the Crusades was how Europeans gained the knowledge of science, mathematics, and …show more content…

Over the past years, Carolina High School’s ethnic group only included a 60% white population and 40% African American population. However, today in the present there are new types of people assisting Carolina High School including 23% Hispanics, 23% whites, and 51% African Americans. Also, a new type of sport that is very enjoyed by the Hispanic community was brought to Carolina High School. Generally, soccer was not part of the high school sports but now that Latinos have arrived, students are able to enjoy soccer along with other sports that are

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