Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution that first occurred in Britain in the late 18th and 19th centuriescenturys brought the introduction of machinery, opening up the door for manufacturing and mass production. However, somethingwhat we have to keep in our minds is that the Industrial Revolution was not a wise development. Aalthough manufacturing had many positive effects, manybecause there are people suffered due to the urbanization, pollution, and the labor problems during the revolution of industrialization. After the end of domestic systems of production, people began to rely more on factories to develop their economies as machines came into cities. The mMajority of people inon a rural areas had to migrate to the urban areas for employmentaiming for a job. This movement and, urbanization, was one of the negative effects that occuredwas issued during the Industrial Revolution. The citizens could not handle their own lives nor the overpopulated land. Their working conditions were very poor, “ Factories were not the best places to work. The only light present was the sunlight that came through the windows.” (Poddar) Their living conditions were even worse, “On the whole working-class neighborhoods were bleak, crowded, dirty, and polluted.”(Ashton, 93) According to the research, 25 to 33% of children in England diedeceased…show more content…
There are few evidences that support the effectiveness of the revolution, such as, “No Scientific inventions without the Industrial Revolution.”(Watson) “Sending a man on the moon happened because there were industrialization.” (Watson) Maybe our world would have not been the same as where we are living today without those transition, according to what has been argued. (Frader) Yes, the Industrial Revolution did led to everything that we have today. However, everything also means the poverty, pollution, discrimination, and even money over
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