Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution, which took place from 1760 to 1840 in Britain, is considered to be one of the main history in the past that has changed the live of every person in Europe. It was a period during which the handtools, handmade items, and farming were replaced by mechanized manufacturing. The new age of mechanization which was faster and more efficient allowed for more affordable goods that caused the prices to drop making the iteams available for poor and rich. Altough the standard of living for general population improved consistenly for the first time in the history, the Industrial Revolution also prved to be harmful. On the other hand, farmers who became jobless had to leave their comfortable lives and more into overcrowded cities with high population density. Therefore, Industrial Revolution raised the issue whether it is more beneficial or harmful to the people.

The Industrial Revolution had many positive effects and negative effects on the society and the economy of Britain. The Farmers and agriculture workers lost their farms and had new jobs in factories. The population growth let the people to leave their rural communities and moved into big cities “Only since the Industrial Revolution have most people worked in places away from their homes or been left to raise small children without the help of multiple adults, making for an unsupported life” (). Overcrowded cities cause bad pollution to be increase. This caused many diseases for the workers. Farmers were
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