Positive Effects Of The Monroe Doctrine

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The Monroe Doctrine was the Idea of the fifth president Of the United states James Monroe. It was passed on December 2, 1823, in the 7th annual message to congress. The policy was designed to show the separation of the New World from Europe. The Monroe doctrine stated that the Western Hemisphere could no longer be colonized by European countries and they were independent. It also stated that the United States will not interfere in any business of the Europeans or its European colonies. This policy had a lot of influences and affects. The Monroe Doctrine had a lot of positive effects on the United States and Britain. It basically helped shape America as it is today. The Monroe doctrine states "In the wars of the European powers in matters relating to themselves we have never taken any part, nor does it comport with our policy to do so."(Government office 266) In the beginning, when the Monroe Doctrine was passed nobody paid attention to it. This is because the United States had no army at that time. Then came with the help of national alliances. When the British found out they helped the Americans in enforcing this. If they didn’t this would affect their trade with the region so Britain’s Prime…show more content…
If it wasn’t for James Monroe half of western hemisphere would have been colonized now. This decision of his affected history! Monroe spoke for the whole Western Hemisphere and if he hadn’t done this the history would have been changed today. The United States cared about the wellbeing of Latin Americans that’s why they created this. However, this is debated on. Some people say that the only reason this statement was passed was so that America could sit around and boss them. Than Europeans weren’t also listening to them they were not taking this seriously. That is so because the U.S. didn’t have a navy then. Then the British helped them and the Europeans started listening to them and they never tried colonizing the western nations
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