Positive Effects Of Urbanisation

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Urbanisation is the shift from rural to urban moving massive amounts of people into large cities, something that is happening quickly in the world right now. By becoming more urban, the world has changed forever for the better and the worst. Many different phenomenon and events both caused urbanisation or are a result of urbanisation. There are both negative and positive effects of urbanisation and they also play an important role in our lives. Urbanisation is happening in our life time and their causes and effects also impact us.
One of the main reasons that urbanisation happens is industrialisation and employment opportunities. Big cities appeal to the rural people as the cities provide opportunities to climb up in the society ladder economically.
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All of these chances exist only in cities so these people would want to immigrate in order to get a job and hopefully one day become successful and rich. Cities are generally the places where the large factories are located. These companies provide huge amounts of jobs and chances to the people coming in. Immigration leads to an increase in the population, therefore leading to another major positive effect in the cities: spaces and places in jobs could be filled to make a more functional society. The jobs that previous people did not take are left for the immigrants who take them and make the previous society better sustained with a larger workforce and a filled job positions. This is only one scenario. A large population increase could also lead to a competition between individuals, therefore causing house prices to skyrocket. A large demand for housing and not enough places to…show more content…
Commercialism is the practices and attitudes that are concerned with the making of profit at the risk of quality. Commercialism and trade gives profit and work to a large population and is able to sustain a large amount of people like of a city. Trade has developed modern techniques and exchange methods that have being able to give rise to the growth of towns and cities, therefore leading to urbanisation. With trade and commercialism, people realise that they have better chance in opportunities, results and profit. However, trade and commercialism needs a large amount of transportation to fulfil its needs, which leads to two major problems: traffic congestion and pollution, two extremely serious problems that must be dealt with. More people means increased number of vehicles which leads to traffic blockage and vehicular pollution. Many people in urban areas drive to work and this creates a severe traffic problem, especially during the rush hours. Also as the cities grow in dimension, people will move to shop and access other social needs which often cause traffic congestion and

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