Positive Effects Of Violence In Education

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Moreover, violence has a huge impact on the quality of teaching and learning. It is the negative impact, considering the fact that it is very rare to say that the school environment is the peaceful place one may find him or herself in. Learners go to school for the primary purpose of learning and at the end of the term they surely expect to progress to another level of education, but there are some hindrances towards achieving their goals. Singh (2006, p. 120) indicates that the impact of violence on the quality of teaching and learning have an impact academically, emotionally and in the career. Violence impacts the academic progress in this respect. The WCED (2003) reported that “not only does violence…show more content…
I have realised that there more people the greater the possibility of the solution they propose to be successful than those solutions proposed by few people. Other people relevant to finding solutions to violence in schools are the police, counsellors and other people. The police can make it possible to eradicate violence in schools by paying regularly visits in schools, in the morning check learner’s bags and patrol during learning hours. As part of this study, it has been identified that by being emotionally hurt, changes one 's behaviour it can be a behaviour of a teacher or a learner. I believe that school counsellors can play a significant role by being at school for at least four hours a day. One proposing this solution on the basis that being emotional hurt jeopardises learners ' education, so school counsellors can help the teacher and learner to cope with what has happened to them in an effective and efficient manner having that counsellors have been trained to do such…show more content…
In conclusion, it is like the people in the society do not know about the negative impact violence on the quality of teaching and learning. For the reason given the schools must make the society part of the school, by creating a direct link between the school and the community. When the society is made part of the school it will do all in its power to make school peaceful environment one can be in. The schools must do all in their best to work out minor causes of violence, affecting the nature of teaching and learning on a broader scope. This essay has discussed the three main causes of violence in South Africa schools. Secondly, it explained the different forms of violence perpetrated on teachers by learners in South African schools. Moreover, it then discussed the negative impacts of violence in the quality of teaching and learning in schools. Finally, it critically examined how schools could intervene in order to eradicate violence in schools. I believe South African schools can be a nonviolent environment by taking into consideration the solutions I have proposed as measures to eradicate violence in

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