Positive Effects Of Wildlife Management

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Wildlife Management

there are many positive effects of wildlife management. hunter and hunting are the biggest and best forms of wildlife management and conservation. it is important to have conservation of wildlife and their habitat (Lapierre). A species is considered endangered when its continuing survival is in doubt. An endangered species is at risk of becoming extinct. When a species is extinct it disappears completely. One of the leading causes of a species becoming endangered or extinct is habitat destruction. Its habitat can be destroyed by development or toxic pollution. It is estimated that if protective measures are increased, approximately twenty percent of spices on earth may become extinct within the twenty-first century (“Endangered Species”).
There are many success stories in the world of conservation. One of the greatest and most compelling of all is the grey wolf also known as the timber wolf. the grey wolf is at the top of his natural food chain, and the best hunter. that is until man started hunting them. the native americans them be but when settlers came into the picture things changed. there were so many that there were no regulations on hunting (“Gray Wolf”). Think of it as a stop light at a busy intersection, if the light was to always stay green then the intersection would stop working. the grey wolf was the proverbial green light without regulations on hunting caused the gray wolf to almost die out. But due to great conservation efforts they

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