Positive Emotions In Psychology

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Positive emotions significantly affect our psychology in our daily, personal and professional life. Positive thoughts and feelings are invaluable sources of mental power. They help us to focus on our goals and make us more optimistic and more resilient, so that we become more open and receiving.
Nowadays it is difficult to experience positive feelings. However with the power of will and practice, the frequency of positive emotions, can be increased ensuring better mental health and greater resistance to the problems of everyday life. Psychologist and Professor Barbara Fredrickson claims in her book '' Positivity '' that our positive emotions ‘activate’, awaken and motivate us expanding our thinking and by helping us see our potential.
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But what are the benefits that their offer to us?
The positive emotional experiences have long term effects on our personal growth and development expanding our attention and thinking. In this way we become more creative, broadminded, open to new opportunities and relationships.
Also, creates our urge to savor current life circumstances and integrate these circumstances into a new view of ourselves and the world.
Positive emotions negate negative feelings that we go through. Joy and satisfaction can easily make us feel better when we are a bad mood. The positive feelings improve our emotional well-being and transform us to better versions of ourselves.
We become more resistant. Positive feelings such as love, joy, pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction bolster our strength when dealing with life problems.
People have plenty of positive emotions in their daily life, they tend to be happier and healthier. Also, we build important physical, spiritual, social and psychological
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The researchers found that people who laugh and smile more, can easy overcome their separation and they are more willing to rediscover new partners.
In this case, this shows that positive emotions and laughter has significant benefits in psychology and our bodies. When people laugh together it creates positive energy for everyone, which stems from positive thoughts, feelings and emotions and is created a spiritual energy field that leads to feelings of relaxation and uplifting . It literally neutralize the negative emotions and thoughts. Positive emotions change us for the better. To think and feel positive is a way to be happy, to feel good, to reduce stress and negative emotions. It is so simple and at so precious, not only for our relationships with others, but for ourselves. It’s amazing how good positive emotions do to our mental and physical health. This is the broaden and build model of positive emotions.
To enjoy more positive emotions, we should try every day. Negative emotions have more power and we can easily be sucked into them. Finally, people should concentrate on positive experiences and all the

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