Positive Emotions In Workplace Literature Review

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The importance of positive emotions in workplace have been a debatable subject that is still under many evaluations and experiments under the term psychological capital which is a constructive body consists of efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience. Researchers are working to expand the contributions of psychology to go beyond mental illness and personality disorders in order to develop both the quality and efficiency of organizational work field. In a previous study of Avey, Luthans and Youssef (2009), they suggested the positive relationship between positive Psychological Capital (PsyCap) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). Employees with higher positive emotions showed more desirable OCB such as altruism, courtesy, sportsmanship, conscientiousness and civic virtue. Previous studies also explored ways to elevate PsyCap through brief work interventions, however, this research proposal is aiming to investigate the relationship between positive PsyCap and desirable OCB in organizations and workplace. Literature Review
Positive psychological capital according to Luthans F., C.M. & Youssef (2004), is defined as the positive and developmental state of an individual as characterized by four areas; confidence (or self efficacy), optimism, hope and resilience. There are two main areas of focus whereby PsyCap emphasizes on; Positive Organizational Scholarship and Positive Organizational Behavior.

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