Positive Event In Life

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In life we go through a lot of experiences, we face a lot of difficulties, they can have positive or negative impacts. Some people get stronger as they face problems, others crush down. So I decided to write about two main events in my life, a positive event, and a negative event. Here we go! A journey seeking for happiness What is happiness? people think about happiness in different ways, simple people, money symbolizes happiness to them, they try their best to meet their desires, they buy the best clothes, best cars, electronic devices, accessories and so on, few days after obtaining the object or the desire, these mixtures feelings of happiness fade away, for some people happiness is acquiring knowledge and high positions in addition to achievements, but even this kind of happiness fade away with time. The real happiness that never fades away is by giving and that what I achieved through my trip to Africa. My mum is one of the greatest people that I know, she doesn’t only raise her children , but also raise the society that she is living in, through her life she have done a lot of things to the society , so I wasn’t surprised as she went to Africa in 2012 for volunteering and charity . Helping others, back in 2012, did not interest me, anyways, as 2014 came by, my mum told me that she is planning to take my sister and I to Africa, I really had no idea how charity works , I wasn’t that excited because I thought Africa will be dirty and crowded place, but in the

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