Positive Events In My Life

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THE PAST • Think of a positive event from your childhood. What happened? I honestly don’t remember anything like that but what I have discussed in the question below in which I have discussed about my achievement was also my positive event of my life. • Now think of a negative event. Why was it bad? I was in my 9th grade and I made some new friends as I was that type of girl who trusts everyone so easily and fond of making new friends but they were not the people whom you can trust and they used for their own benefits and I was so naïve that I was not even able to judge their action and ofcorse at last I come to know their reality. I think of this event as negative because after that I was completely changed and now I hardly make any…show more content…
You can say that she is the person who taught me almost everything and with whom I had lot of good experiences in my life she is a perfect combo of a friend sister and sometimes takes care like a mother. The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey • What do you want other people to think about you? What do you imagine they really think about you? Who don’t want that other people should think well about you? I also want people around me think well about me. What I have observed is that people who don’t know me think about me that I am really shy and reserve person or maybe I don’t like people talk to me but once they get to know me they realize that what assort of person I am. • Do you want to change the way others see you? How could you make that happen? Honestly speaking I hate when I first meet someone and they think that I am all shy and awkward like this is not me I swear just wait and watch. But I don’t want to change the way they think about me because I think it’s kind of amazing when you meet someone and they are not the one that they actually are and gradually they open up and you discover a whole new person standing right in front of
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