Self Discovery Research Paper

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Have you ever gone through a life changing or traumatic life event that has shaped who you are as a person? Just about everyone will or has gone through an experience which gives them an eye opening new perspective on life or a self-discovery. These experiences can be both negative or positive, but both bring self-discovery. An example of a positive experience that I have gone through which defines me as a person is, when I moved from Maryland to live in North Carolina. Moving to North Carolina defines me as a person because it presented me with many very valuable experiences and opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to have if I had stayed in Maryland. The most valuable experiences that Moving to North Carolina has provided me with…show more content…
Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out as planned, for the first year living with my dad we fought terribly! We argued and fought over the smallest things from not putting the dishes up, or not putting our shoes on the rack. It got so bad that I just wanted to move back to Maryland. I didn’t want to have to move back to Maryland so I decided to get some advice and talk to my youth group leader Mark Milligan at the Summit Church in Kernersville NC. Mark is a very involved volunteer at my church, he was my small group leader at my youth group for that first year living with my dad. From working at the church mark has grown to be such a great servant and puts other before him at any given time. Mark said that he didn’t want to see me have to leave just because me and my dad couldn’t get along, so without even questioning it he said to me “well we do have that guest room open at our house”. Mark saw that I was in need and knew that it would be very stressful for me to have to move back up to Maryland. Regardless of how awkward it may have been with me living with his kids and wife may have been (since they didn’t really know me), he knew that I was hanging on a limb, and I needed the help. Mark put my needs before his own needs, even though he knew it would be pretty awkward having me live in the house, he did it anyways because he knew that I was desperate and needed help. Although I ended up only living there for about a month, Mark took so much backlash from the community and church about taking in someone else’s kid. Mark didn’t care, he knew that I needed the help and he was willing to give up his reputation to help me. Marks servant like qualities have helped define me because now and in the future, I always try to help out kids who are in need or have a bad home life just like I was. From watching what Mark did, I now always try to put
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