Integration And Migration Study

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Much of the uneasiness concerning the large number of asylum seekers in 2015 related to uncertainty about how they could be integrated (SSB. 2015). As the asylum seekers are not becoming a part of the integration project, it is challenging to the society. Connection between integration and assimilation More people understand well integrated person as well assimilated person. Believes the term integration has been used to characterise ‘progressive-minded, tolerant and inclusive approaches to dealing with ethnic minorities’. This school of thought has tended to think of integration as a process through which people pass a route to assimilation. Philemore 2011 has mentioned (Crisp, 2004; Castles et al., 2002; Castles and Davidson, 2000). Favell…show more content…
Local society gets the highest priority in refugee integration. Local policies for integration that build on active interaction between immigrants and local society should receive the highest priority. Such local policies should be given more tools and room to act in ways appropriate for the locality. Local integration policy should follow strategies and tactics that engage partners in the integration process at different levels. It should combine "top-down" activation elements with "bottom-up" mobilization. (Renus Penux,…show more content…
Humans Quality of life has been found to be positively associated with social support ( Teodorescu et al, 2012). When refugees come to the host country they have more stress from pre migration and post migration. Acculturation stress also can have identified as a post migration stress.refugees who come to Norway have experienced multiple traumatic effects in their home countries such as imprisonment in concentration camps, torture or multiple rapes (Ibid). Moreover , postmigration stressors like acculturation stress, weak social support, loss of social roles, unemployment, and cultural bereavement have an even greater negative impact on the health and quality of life (Ibid , page 3.67 reference). The tasks of learning a new language and adopting mainstream cultural norms create additional stress for them. Therefor it is necessary to have good social contacts, social integration and social network for them and it has been found to have a negative association with PTSD and depression in resettled refugees [70,71, Ibid, pg.3). latterly, it leads to have quality of life and It has been found to be positively associated with social support (ibid66,(pg3).In addition, some refugees experience discrimination by members of the majority group and from fellow migrants (Fozdar & Torezani, 2008). Given the involuntary nature of their migration, many refugees are homesick and long

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