Purpose Of Giving Feedback

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The purpose of giving feedback is to improve performance. Try to make it a positive process and experience. Provide feedback to teams and individuals on their performance by using different methods and providing positive and negative feedback. Make it clear and accurate, show respect and acknowledge personal circumstance. Motivate teams and give constructive feedback on how to improve performance whilst giving them the opportunity to make their own suggestions. An important part of a manager's job is delivering feedback to employees. Feedback is a form of ongoing training and helps communicate important objectives. Both positive and negative feedback can be helpful and productive. Positive feedback tells an employee what they are…show more content…
For example, "Those sandwiches look great but could be presented better, the variety of fillings used is excellent" Group feedback is a good way to communicate feedback when the whole team has worked together on a project. In my place of work when we have had feedback from a buffet, the feedback we receive from the client is passed on during a team meeting. EEC Example, Effect and Change E talks of about a specific example of what went right and what went wrong. E explain the effect of what happened. C say what you need to see continuing or changing (Hannah Boschen, 2015). There are advantages and disadvantages of the different methods used to provide feedback. Providing positive feedback can boost performance and encourage wanted behaviours. While promoting workplace morale through positive feedback it can be cost effective by reducing staff turnover. Praise will encourage employees to engage with management, which will increase the chances that they will share ideas and point out any problems within the…show more content…
Positive feedback is a powerful tool that managers can use to communicate the value of the employee's work and contribution to the organisation. It reinforces behaviours that you'd like to see more of on the job. The feedback sandwich diminishes the value and the power of the positive. ( The sandwich feedback is a good technique for managers who are ill at ease with providing negative feedback and it softens the impact of the criticism. Glenn Shepard author of " How to make performance evaluations really work..." Believes the sandwiching method of evaluation serves as a metaphorical roller coaster ride for employees and often confuses them. When a negative comment is sandwiched between two positive comments, the positive comments can seem dishonest. Presenting feedback to a group has its advantages as it saves time when the team has worked together on a project. It can help members understand how their group works and how to make it better. The EEC method works as well for praise as it does for
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