Positive Health Effects Of Chocolate

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Chocolate – the ultimate comfort food! – is by no means a guilt-free treat. Or is it? Chocolate is known to be a dietary no-no. But, research shows that chocolate is, in fact, a health food; provided it is consumed in moderation, of course. This essay is going to analyze the positive health effects of the consumption of chocolate in moderation, partly to highlight why chocolate is the super food that it is and partly to ease the guilt felt by the world’s chocolate lovers. Cocoa– the raw ingredient behind everyone’s beloved treat – is rich in numerous minerals and compounds that are essential and beneficial for bodily functions. To begin with, cocoa is rich in iron, with a higher iron content than proteins like beef or chicken liver. Cocoa beans are also high in magnesium content – a mineral associated with a healthy immune system and one that regulates blood glucose levels. Copper and potassium are also among the minerals present in chocolate, both of which are required for numerous important reactions in the body. In addition, it is loaded with theobromine, a compound widely used by the pharmaceutical industry today. Surprisingly, theobromine is known to harden tooth enamel, making teeth less susceptible to cavities. So chocolate is actually good for teeth? That is true. In moderation, chocolate fights cavities rather than causes them. Thus, a bar of cocoa-rich chocolate a day can make significant contributions to a person’s recommended daily intake of minerals. As such,

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