Positive Impact Of A Small Business

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The Impacts of a Small Business Over 50 percent of all working people in the United States work for a small business. Small businesses have always been a staple of American culture. They truly embody the American dream of starting an independently owned business, and making hard earned money off of your own ideas. Small businesses are capable of having many impacts on not only the owner, but also the community around it. Small businesses are good thing because they give individuals the opportunity to be their own employer, help others, and build the dreams and ideas that they are so passionate about (You). Running a small business can have many positive impacts on you and those around the business. A small business allows the owner to live a much more flexible lifestyle, and even lend a hand in the community (Able). Launching a successful small business requires teamwork (As). The owner of the business is going to have to build positive relationships with employees, work as a team, and keep employees motivated (As). Small businesses get the owner implemented in the community around it, and this can lead to the business and community benefiting one another (Owning). A smaller business is going to have an advantage over larger businesses by allowing the owner to have more personal connections and relationships with their employees (Small). Small businesses allow the owner to build healthy relationships with others, and gives you more freedom than an office job.
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