Positive Impact Of Communication Technology

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Communication technology is a tool which is allows the technology for communication.This technology has a tremendous impact on the communication process.It has changed the face of the entire communication process in today’s world.Emails,social media,smartphones instant messaging,text messages all have made the world a smaller place by easing the process of staying connected manifolds.There are many positive impacts of communication technology on the society,on the other hand,there are some negative effets too.
There are many positive effects of technology on communication.One of the effects is staying in touch was never this easy.Think back to the times when we had to write long letters to our loved ones to know how they are doing and how the little girls at home are growing up and we would have to wait at the mercy of the postal service to deliver our lettersto the recipient,and the replies back to us,that is,if they did not get lost in transit.Technology has changed all that.Today if you want to talk to your uncle in Ghana,you can call him from your beach house in Malibu and if you want some face to face time,Skype or Facetime.It will take about as much time you need to dial the number and for him to decide if he would receive the call.Phone,email,and technology has brought it all at your fingertips.Other than that the positive effects is marketing executives are having a field day.With the strides technology has taken and continues to take the word of finance and business
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