Positive Impact Of ICT In Education

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Introduction ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. ICT is extensive and indispensable to play a meaningful role in evolving and modernizing educational systems as well as the way of learning. It is part of many aspects of our daily lives. ICT refers to the technology that access to information. It includes any product that will store, restore, operate, or receive information in a digital form. ICT is similar to IT that ICT focus more on communication which includes internet, wireless network and other communication mediums. There are some examples of ICT tools, such as computing industry, telecommunications, and electronic display. The computing industry includes Internet, computer hardware and software. Internet means a worldwide…show more content…
It gives great impact in education for the students and their mentors. ICT has become a key to education way as well as it has been identified by a range of important wider benefits of ICT on learning. The positive impact of ICT on students ' skills and teamwork are included. ICT is a part of a social system integrating meaningful communication within an education system. We can consume it for resolving the processes, meanings and functions of ICT in education. ICT also provided the research for us when we have assignments to do. ICT is also one of the tools that have easy communication with others in foreign countries. It also saves tons of cost and time. Schools use ICT to make it easy for both students and teachers of their work. Different information and opinion can be found from the web-sites. In addition, ICT provides wide array of information and effective lessons. That is also easy for students to do their work by using word processing. It makes our projects or assignments more neat and tidy. From the education system point of view. ICT has a great impact on society especially on

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