Positive Impact Of Internet Essay

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The positive impact of internet usage on the elderly’s wellbeing
There is no doubt that the usage of internet has a positive influence on society, and secondly that access to the internet is widely considered as a necessity. This therefore tells us that its usage should be encouraged across society and especially amongst the elderly (Sloan and Sayago, 2011).The implementation of the internet is not only used to enhance quality of life among older adults by enabling them to be independent, but also to give them control over their dependencies by facilitating their access to abundant information. The methods of research used in the study include qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (survey) data to evaluate the positive impacts of internet
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. Internet usage is a great tool to connect people with their community. An older person said that since he had started using the internet, he had been getting more invitations from his friends, and added that access to the internet helped him to identify with modern society. A survey was done among forty-eight adults whose ages ranged between 55-89 years to find out of internet usage contributed to their feelings of inclusion (Mellor, Firth, Moore, 2008). The results of the quantitative data showed that 85% of the participants used the internet to stay in touch with their family and friends and 45 % out of those participants performed this activity every day. They showed improvements in forming new friendship, participating in online discussions and preserving relatives who live far away. It gave them the ability to receive enriching messages and social support during difficult times. The study illustrates that after the participants started using the internet, they identified feelings of social connectedness and revealed that internet actually succeeded in making them to feel less isolated. The internet not only helped them towards sharing pictures and videos with their family and friends, but also helped them reinforce their feelings of social inclusion and
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