Positive Impact Of Internet On Students Essay

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Mary Frances M. Emanon, Hildgyn G. Ruaza, and Caryl Mae Dorothy L. Dablio
Andre Peralta
English 27
May 16, 2016

Title: The Positive Effects of the Internet on Students’ Academics in the new Generation
Thesis Statement: Internet may positively affect the students’ academics in the new generation.
For the 20th century way of life wherein everything should be fast or instant as possible people need a thing that can give services and information right away. Internet has been a tool used by people to make daily life activities and stuffs much easier. Internet is considered to be one of the widely used products of technology. Internet can offer information and services fast that makes people tasks more convenient to do. Everyday somehow it is impossible that even an ordinary person cannot use the Internet, for Internet has various purposes that could make people’s daily life activities or works easier and faster. Internet has a lot of uses and effects
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Almost all institutions around the world used the internet as a primary tool for students’ learning. There are positive effects of the internet on students especially in terms of academics, positive effects which resulted from the services and information that the internet can offer. Once on the internet, users in rising and creating countries have held on to associating as their most favoured kind of advanced movement. Respondents said it has a positive impact. Survey says that the expanding usage of the internet has an impact on individual connections, contrasted among those who have less experience with the internet. (Pew Global Organization, 2015). Parents consider computers as important instruments to education for children to help discover a wide perspective of reliable information, and that young students who have no access on the internet has more disadvantage in comparison to those who have access (Kim,
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