Positive Impact Of Positive Thinking

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Impact of Positive Thinking Part 1
Using positivity is very inviting, right? Most often, people tend to be more positive than negative. But then, thinking positive is the most common thing that we ignore in our lives. In reality, especially at work or in a crisis situation, we tend to dismiss positive thinking. But does positive thinking really help a human being? Why?
Not only that positive thinking produces an individual this sense of happy thoughts, studies also claim that positive thinking boost up your skills and health, as well as make you want to achieve success.
In fact, a study by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson called the Updated Thinking on Positivity Ratios talks about positivity and how it aids in the transformation or how it flourishes
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In Fredrickson’s experiment of the significance of positive emotions in the brain, she divided a number of respondents into 5 groups and they were exposed to different video clips. The first two groups were shown clips that created positive emotions.
• Group 1 saw the clips producing the feelings of happiness.
• Group 2 saw images that created feelings of contentment.
• Group 3 serves as the control group. They saw images that were ordinary that created no certain emotion for anyone. The last two groups were given video clips that possessed negative emotions.
• Group 4 was exposed to a clip that evokes feelings of fear.
• Group 5 was exposed to the video that aggravated the feelings of anger. The respondents were then instructed to put themselves in a situation where the same feelings would be applied to and they were asked to write down explanations of their emotions. The individuals who were exposed to clips of anger and fear made few responses. On the other hand, those participants who saw happiness and contentment wrote down an increased number of responses, even much higher than the control
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She claims that positive emotions broaden your sense of possibilities and being open to anything, which in turn, lets you build new skills that could be essential in your life.
How do you Enhance Positive Thinking in your Own Life?
So as you raise a question, how can you increase the positive emotions in advantage of the “broaden and build” theory? Here are the things you can do, you can start by doing anything that would create feelings of happiness, contentment, and love. You probably know the things that make you happy. Maybe cooking, playing your favorite instruments, listening to your favorite band, or spending time with your family and friends. But Science has recently discovered three essential activities that would boost up your positivity:
As suggested by Fredrickson’s latest findings, meditation would do the happy trick for you. The study revealed that those individuals who meditate daily display a sense of positivity that those who do not meditate. And as proven, this meditation also creates long- term skills. This would go along with what I teach “you get what you focus

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