Cybercrime: A Negative Impact Of Social Media

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Social Media Social media are internet-based applications and websites that allow its users to interact with other individuals through computers and mobile devices. Ther are social-networking platforms that enable us to share and create contents such as thoughts, ideas, photo, videos, personal messages, and other informations, originally created for personal usage to exchange data with friends and family. But nowadays, business have been using them to reach out to their customer more easily, that informing sales and giving out special offerings can be done instantly which brings them so much advantage. In this era and society, social media are now a part of our life that we can’t get away with. Social media users consist of many people, especially…show more content…
From a negative impact to a positive impact. Negative impact of a social media number one is Antisocial. Antisocial is the behavior of someone who is closed to the people around. The behavior is because of frequent play of gadgets until no interaction with people around. Negative impact of social media number two is Cybercrime. Cybercrime is crime that involves a computer and a network. Crime in social media is very much happening. There are so many deception, especially deception in busines. There are many cheating in sales, promising an item at an affordable price but apparently not appropriate. Not just business, now many people are kidnapping from social media. It’s because personal information in social media can provoke a…show more content…
The first is bringing the far closer. Before the development of social media, people had rather difficulty communicating with distant relatives. But now with social media, it only takes seconds for us to communicate with family or friends apart by a great distance. In today's global age distance is no longer an excuse to make talking and interacting with distant relatives difficult. Many social media that provide features to make face-to-face communication. The second positive impact is, social media as a vehicle for income. As is well known today many people own and access social media wherever and whenever they want and need it. Like the features in shopping. Nowadays a lot of people prefer online shopping rather than shopping in the store. This can lead many people who have an interest in business or people who simply want to make more money try and do an online business. Online business also attract more consumers rather than the usual offline stores. By utilizing social media, we can sell online which of course promising in term of the profit. In this way also the business is run more broadly market, not only target national and even international

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