Positive And Negative Impact Of Social Media On Society

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INTRODUCTION: Social media sites have taken over our lives. It’s hard to even imagine that 10 years ago there was no Facebook or Twitter. 15 years ago people were actually waiting to hear from each other because even email wasn’t that common. Social media is one of the best ways to get connected with people. It voices our thoughts and emotions. It has made communication easier. It brings together people of different races and societies. Social media also serves as a platform for promotion and advertising one’s business. Among all the social websites Facebook is the lead and it is used by the people of all age groups. Though it is highly convenient, it has its positive and negative impacts on the society.…show more content…
Children who go overseas to study can still stay in meaningful contact with their parents. To a greater extend, there is anecdotal evidence of positive outcomes from these technologies. Social networks help the businesses in a variety of ways. Traditional marketing mediums such as the radio, TV commercials and print ads are cost effective. However, with social media the businesses can connect with their targeted customers for free, the only cost is energy and time. Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social site you can lower your marketing cost to a significant level. These social networking sites have opened the opportunity for all the writers and bloggers to connect with their tech savvy clients to share your expertise and articles. Your followers will further share your articles, blog in their social circle which further enhance your networks of the

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