Positive Impact Of Technology

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Technology has advanced significant amounts in the last twenty years, it has revolutionized almost every aspect of our life and work, through communication, education and travel. Technology is used in the workplace, schools, homes and even in supermarkets, with the self-service checkouts. There are organizations who believe that technology specifically mobile phones, tablets, computers and video games have negative impacts on young people, whereas others believe that they have positive impacts. Today, “88% of Americans aged twelve to seventeen have cell phones, tablets and/or other devices whereas in 2006 it was 63%” (“Growing Wireless”). This clearly shows that technology is becoming more and more popular, available and affordable. Many students have these electrical devices for communication and social media whereas others have it specifically for educational purposes. The use of technology for educational purposes has also increased dramatically. Chalkboards and whiteboards are no more; interactive smart boards have taken their place and allow students and teachers to show interactive videos, iPads and computers are used in lots of schools, and there are specific online educational programs, in which students can complete classroom work, homework and online lectures. The use of E-books is also increasing and many students today use them instead of buying textbooks, this is because they can often be cheaper and it means that the students do not have to carry around a lot
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