Positive Impact On Tourism

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According to the results presented in Table 7, percentage of GDP in OECD countries has a positive impact on the tourist arrivals. If one unit of GDP increased, 0.92% increases in tourist arrivals income. The results Habibi and Abbasinejad (1384), Shah Abadi and sayah(1392) 1392 Vestanah et al (2011) also shows that GDP and per capital income has significant and positive impact on tourism.
On the other side the model findings indicate that population is an important key factor in the tourism demand function. In other words, The more a country in terms of population is larger and more densely populated, The more tourism demand will be, because population increase pave the way to providing expertise in the provision of tourism services and also in the populous countries such as India and china we will see the attraction of more ethnicities because of variety of costumes. According to the results the effect of the population has a positive impact on demand for tourists’ arrivals. If the population increases 1%, the tourist incoming revenue increases 1.1%. So that the travel incentive to these is due to benefit from tourism services, especially hotel services, leisure and entertainment.
The results also showed a significant and positive relationship between the real effective exchange rate and incoming tourism revenue. The real effective exchange rate has a positive effect on incoming tourism revenue of OECD countries. In other words, whatever the real effective exchange rate of

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