OECD Country Analysis

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According to the results presented in Table 7, percentage of GDP in OECD countries has a positive impact on the tourist arrivals. If one unit of GDP increased, 0.92% increases in tourist arrivals income. The results Habibi and Abbasinejad (1384), Shah Abadi and sayah(1392) 1392 Vestanah et al (2011) also shows that GDP and per capital income has significant and positive impact on tourism.
On the other side the model findings indicate that population is an important key factor in the tourism demand function. In other words, The more a country in terms of population is larger and more densely populated, The more tourism demand will be, because population increase pave the way to providing expertise in the provision of tourism services and also
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According to results, the amount of GDP percentage has a positive impact on the amount of incoming tourism revenue to these countries. There for it is needed to accomplish appropriate targeting of the target markets, in a way that the countries are chosen for marketing advertising which have higher income level. In this way, it can be less costly to attract the tourists with higher spending and act purposefully. The oil price increase had a significant and positive impact on the tourism revenue arrival of these countries, it means oil price increase in chosen countries has increased the wealth in these countries and has made progress in infrastructure related to tourism and will attract the tourists and though this this way the incoming revenue to these countries increases. On the other hand the real effective exchange rate as the power of the competitiveness of goods and tourism services should become in a way that tourism services of country have the global competition ability. This issue is very important and effective in expenses associated with the accommodation expanses. On the other hand, in addition to increasing health costs and improvement of the indicators related to it, development of health centers and health services, including hospitals is an effective step to attract tourists especially patients in using of country`s health cares. And also with increasing education costs and make the cost more efficient in order to increase the public education level and culture as well as establish international universities and attract foreign students as an educational opportunity is

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