Positive Impacts Of A Mental Hospital

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1) The mental hospital had a few positive impacts on the patients. The patients where able to play cards with each other, play games outside like basketball. They where able to smoke and have cigarettes. They would do stretching before their group therapy and they where able to interaction with each other all throughout the hospital.

2) Though there were some positive impacts, there were also negative ones. Some of the negative impacts on the patient’s well-being and improvement in the hospital would be the staff giving patients shock treatments and medication to make it hard for them to function. The staff also would strap most of the patients down to their beds. The staff in it self where very controlling and demanding. They where even like that with the patients that where in there by choice. Another restriction they had was not being able to watch TV. They had a set schedule that
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He was so friendly with all the patients from day one. He was sitting and playing cards with them, taking them out on day trips, playing basketball and making everything fun and exciting. He even got really close to this one guy named Chief, who he taught to play basketball. I felt Nicholson character had a more positive outcome on the guys because he was able to break down wall that they built for themselves that the staff could reach. Some negative things Nicholson did was breaking the patients out of the hospital, fighting with staff, getting the patient into trouble and throwing a party after hours to try and breakout. I don’t think Nicholson’s character was mentally ill. His personality is a jokester and a risk taker. In no way does that make him mentally ill. I do feel he can’t handle not being in control of a situation for example not being able to watch the baseball game because the hospital wouldn’t let him. He then was fighting the nurse and trying to make her let them watch the
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