Blended Learning Essay

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Blended learning appears as one of the popular educational method at the 21th first century to helping in improving the way of learning. Since the blended learning reported give impact to the education system, many people start make a research on blended learning. According to Graham (2006) stated that blended learning would have a great role in the future and it would be dominated by the distributed learning environments. A survey on MBA students stated that students in blended learning class gained an appreciation of the class and indicated more strongly that their analytical skills improved (Chen and Jones, 2007).
Blended learning is a combination learning that using a lot of tools that at the same time it helping in enhancing the basic
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Zhan Zehui and Li Xiaohua thinks that teachers designs and carry out to blended learning, but they find its effectiveness they do not willing to continue. “Blended learning requires teachers to pay a lot of time on familiar the design process and methods of blended learning, the operation of a variety of delivery methods and the characteristics and use of medias to design a variety of teaching and learning strategies which based on curriculum objectives. Try their best to collect, collate, make learning resources” (p.29). From this perspective we can see that there are societies also give negative assumptions about the creation of these learning methods. They may look from different perspectives. This is because the creation of blended learning might need a lot of time but it is only temporary to get a better result in future.
Another perception of blended learning is the misunderstanding teachers often make in the implementation of blended learning is that teachers pay much attention on the network platform and they design a lot of activities to allow students to learn more. But the result of doing so makes the students' cognitive load increased blended learning counterproductive (Shengjian Chen and Yun Lu, 2013,
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