Positive Impacts Of Collective Leadership

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Collective leadership
1. Introduction
Leadership is changing from one person who gives out instructions because of their mental intelligence to a group of people who work together to achieve a certain goal. This term is described as collective leadership (Chrobot-Mason, et al, 2016:298). The focus of collective leadership is the interaction of the team members to lead the team by sharing the leadership responsibilities (Hiller, 2006:388). In this essay arguments supporting collective leadership will be discussed through the two main points which are, advantages of collective leadership and the positive impact of collective leadership in a professional environment.
Some characteristics that collective leaders entails include direction, alignment
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When people work together they tend to be more motivated and work harder because they know that if a certain goal is achieved it reflects all of them. The best positive impact of collective leadership is that different group members with different identities and experience can specialize on different fields to benefits the organization. The work is always discussed amongst the group members and if there is a contradiction among members about certain decision, they can vote and majority will rule. Having more than one leader ensures that the organization is much more stable and won’t fall in to pieces if one member is absent because the remaining members knows how to carry the tasks of the absent member, and have the ability to run the organization. Leaders try to give every client the attention they need as some people feel important when only dealing with the person in charge (Drath, 2009:300). When one person has to look after a lot of clients they might eventually make them feel less important because the workload will be too much for a single leader and won’t be able to please and assist all the clients. If it happens that clients are unsatisfied they are likely to take their business elsewhere, where they will feel that their presence is being appreciated. Therefore if organization use collective leadership, the different leaders can divide…show more content…
From the advantages that were discussed in the previous paragraph, it shows that the organization where collective leadership exists consist of different workers that specialize in different fields. When those different roles combine, they ensure the success of the organization just like in the town planning of construction site where there is engineer that ensure that proper equipment is being used and draw the whole plan that is wanted by the client. There is also marketing director who is responsible in making the budgets and meet the budget projections, they also create new ideas to keep the shareholders happy and attract new clients. Human resources department is responsible to assist managers with employee-related concerns (Bernard et al, 2001:544). When looking at the tasks in construction site/ town planning it is impossible for one person to complete them alone, this shows that different roles must come together. Collective leadership is then encouraged here because a lot of people bring different ideas and solutions to solve more complex problems, in this way clients can be satisfied and be kept

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