Positive Impacts Of Globalization And Its Effects On The Economy

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Globalization is the when business, or organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. It 's a process of communication and interaction with different people,companies, and governments. Some example would be international trade, investments, and technology. This can have many effects on a lot of things. Which would be the environment,culture,political systems, economic development, and society. Although some may argue that there is a lot of negative impacts on your country due to globalization. However, there is many positive impacts that , in my opinion, would outweigh the negatives. Globalization has many benefits when it come to the economy. And not just the United States economy but the whole world 's. There have been increased levels of investments due to globalization. It makes it easier for countries to have short and long term investments. This can play a huge role in improving the economies of as i said before, big countries such as the United States or developing countries. Globalization also promotes free trade between countries, which also helps with the economy. Free trade is a way everyone can exchange goods and resources to each other. This can help countries that are low on certain resources or good and can get them from countries who specialize in them. Having free trade make it easier and more affordable to countries that are struggling. This can help them get a greater choice of goods and resources. Going
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