Positive Impacts Of Rural Tourism

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3. Positive impacts of Rural Tourism in Azerbaijan, Sheki Region Though rural tourism is a small tourism market, it has important advantages to rural economies. It has great commitment to not only towards financial but also, creating employment, monetary conservation, development of weak economies (OECD, 1994, p. 23). Deputy Secretary-General of WTO Francesco Frangialli (1997) states that rural tourism is not just an approach to accomplish adjusted tourism improvement, it is not only a tool to fight contrary overdevelopment but also, way to keep up, to ensure and to upgrade our heritage and patrimony (UNWTO, 1997, p. 4) There are a number of positive impacts of rural tourism on local people such as job retention, job creation, new business opportunities, opportunities for youth, preservation of cultural heritage , increase sales of handicrafts, conservation of environment and landscape. Compare to job retention, job creation is not so fascinating but, it can help to local rural communities and growth of marginal regions (OECD, 1994, p. 23). Development of rural tourism in Sheki is a great advantage to the region development point of view. Rural tourism involves preservation of historical and natural resources, promote destination image, development of handicrafts, and most importantly income and job opportunities which in turn prevents unemployment and increase the role of woman in society. 3.1. The Role of Rural Tourism in The Destination Development in Sheki Features of

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