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Social Media Impacts Social media, nowadays are very popular. Some example of social media is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Social media can connect so many people in the world. There are so many benefit from social media. People can freely access and get useful information from social media. We can also get live video or information from other people who shared it like; news, what happened in their country, shared their culture and so many more. Sometimes, information or social media is in English, so when we read those information, we can get information and also we are passively improving or learn our English and get new vocabulary. Social media also helps us in business field. We can easily buy goods from another people in the…show more content…
Social media connect people worldwide, and become most incredible technology in this global era because it is proved to be very useful for us in so many field. Social media is changing the world, we use it for every part of our lives, work, studies, and relationship every day. Beside all of this positive impacts, there are also negative impacts from social media. Social media makes some people introvert. Some people more prefer to talk with their phone with social media than face to face with other people. It looks like that social media distancing the near ones and bringing the far to be closer. When the family dinner together, sometimes we can see that all of them are playing with their phones, busy with their social media and barely talk with other people. Social media also makes people forget about time. Some students nowadays look lazy and barely want to study. When in a class, sometimes they don’t pay attention to their teacher, they play their gadgets to open social media. Social media makes them not focus when studying. They spend time for not important things, such as liking other people status or photos and it makes them lazy to have a life. They tend to open social media anywhere and

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