Positive Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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There are some positive impacts during the Industrial Revolution. For example, construction of modern building provides homes for the homeless people a shelter to live. Furthermore, they were walking short distance to work since homes were created closer to the factory. Townhouses and apartments were also built for people who had family when they move.
The second positive effect of the Industrial Revolution is that many new inventions were made to improve people lives. The telephone was invented that allows people to communicate with each other; the invention makes work easier by increasing speed to message and speed up the world in a lot of ways. Another invention is the spinning jenny that could rotate five strings instead of one. The inventions successfully lead to advances in technology and medicine.
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Since laws were published to force factory owners to pay out the minimum wage to the workers, the working class began to make more money. On the other hand, middle class has emerged out of the wealthy upper class, this leads to a better life for everyone.
Besides all those positive impacts about the Industrial Revolution, there are also some negative impacts on working conditions. First of all, factories are mostly dirty and dangerous. There were no legal minimum wage or safety issues. Workers get paid very low wage, and could hardly afford their cost of living. Their working hours were very long, they were not allowed to rest anytime. Workers would get punished if they were caught being slow and

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