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Nowadays, there are many devices that can help people on education. One of these devices is Google Glass. Google glass is a small invitation that provides people a lot of information. It is the popular device that makes searching easy. In addition, there are two ways that control google glass; the first one is touch screen; and the second one is voice control by use word ‘OK GLASS’. Actually, google glass can help students learn in new ways to make the education more effective. Also, it helps the teacher in teaching. This essay will discuss three positive impacts of using google glass on education; improving student skills; developing the way of learning, and the teacher favoured way of using Google glass in their classroom.

The first positive
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By using Google glass teachers can organize the classroom to be more comfortable for students. Fortunately, Google glass is perfect devices that are easy to carrying from place to place. Teachers can use Google glass to save everything that they want to show to students without using papers and it available for students in any time they want also, Google glass have hundreds of books and article that can help teachers to give students correct information. Moreover, it’s organised way and easy to put textbooks plus homework, quizzes, and other files which are known as classroom materials. In addition, they have helped teachers to organize their classrooms effectively, to manage students work, and it helps teachers to resolve and explain the lessons in essay way to feel everything is in the right place. Teacher requests students to use google glass in the classroom to share other students the field trips to learn more things about the place. For instance, be sure you have the suitable authorizations and other lawful documentation before going off and recording everything your students do. As well, there are many benefits of Google glass that teachers can use it for example, video chat that can share class with other students to change neutral
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